Canary Seed Agronomy

Canary Seed - News from the Field 2019

May 2019

Canary seed growth stages are varying with amount of rain seen regionally. Some crops have varied growth stages within the field depending on soil type and moisture. Crops are now ready for their first herbicide treatment, with PGR timing not far off. Remember growth stages are the same as for other cereals.

Canary Seed In Leicestershire - May 2019























June 2019

With the rain canary seed has jumped growth stages and ear emergence is coming towards completion. It is now too late for PGR applications, growers should keep an eye out for aphids on canary seed ears. Aphids can often hide in the seed heads and the seed head should be bent when inspecting the crop, thresholds are 10-20 aphids on 50% of the stems prior to the soft dough stage.

Canary Seed In Merseyside - Late June 2019
Canary Seed In Merseyside - Late June 2019

July 2019

The late rain has resulted in some very tall crops, with a few reports of lodging. The seed heads on the crop below have popped up and the height of the crop means combines can still get underneath.

Canary Seed showing signs of lodging in Gloucestershire

Crops are finishing flowering and starting turn, canary seed will start turning from the top of the seed heads down to the bottom. In the picture of the seed below you can see the blonde coloured seed from the top of the seed head to the green seed in the lower half of the seed heads.

Canary Seed in Bedford - July 2019
Canary Seed - Bedford, July 2019, close up


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