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Spring Naked Oats

Naked Oats

Growing markets in birdseed, pet food and animal nutrition allow us to offer generous contracts with significantly higher premiums vs conventional spring oat crops. The nutrient-dense grains provided by naked oats deliver high energy, and this has been met with increasing demand.

Spring Naked Oats can help with black grass management, as they provide a long stale seedbed, and they make a very good break-crop, as they are easy to grow and share most of their agronomic practices with husked oats. A good quantity and quality of straw is produced, with a high value attached.

They typically yield around 15 – 20% lower than conventional husked oats, at 4 -5t/ha, but due to the premium market we can offer a significantly higher value contract at almost double that of husked oats.

Increasingly used in the health food industry, they are high in fibre, nutritious and gluten free.


Call us on 02392 632883 for the latest contracts available.

  • Produce of an area contract – no fixed yield requirement
  • Transparent fixed and minimum price terms provide transparency and low risk
  • Network of stores to dry, clean or store on growers’ behalf
  • Harvest movement available

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