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Specialist spring crop with massive profit opportunities

The essential fatty acid, GLA or (gamma-linolenic acid) is obtained from the seeds of the Borago officinalis plant. Deficiencies can arise due to ageing or dietary deficiencies.

Borage is the most economical source of this essential fatty acid and there is a real demand for high grade, UK-produced borage oil. Manufacturers are keen to source the oil for top-end applications, where borage oil is a valuable alternative to evening primrose oil for dietary supplements, baby foods, veterinary and personal care products.


Slthough they are capable of self-pollination, Borage flowers are protandrous (i.e. the ♂ pollen matures earlier than the ♀ stigma), which means that yields are enhanced significantly by the presence of pollinators to transfer ripe pollen from the anthers of one flower to a mature stigma elsewhere.

Studies with bees in Poland have shown 26.8% improvement in seed set*. At an ‘average’ yield of 400kg/ha and a contract value of £4000 per tonne, a 26% improvement in yield could be worth over £400 per hectare.

Although Borage attracts many wild pollinators, there is a contractual requirement for 2 hives per ha to ensure adequate pollination. For larger crops consider placing hives evenly, including the middle of the field.

[*Ref: Flowering, Forage Value, and Insect Pollination in Borage (Borago Officinalis L.) Cultivated in Se Poland. Ernest Stawiarz, Anna Wróblewska, Marzena Masierowska and Dagmara Sadowska. May 2020 Journal of Apicultural Science 64(1).]



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