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Canary Seed News from the Field 2022


Harvest has begun and crops are coming in nice and dry with low levels of Admix.

Canary Seed harvest in Nottinghamshire 14th August 2022 Canary Seed harvest in Nottinghamshire 2 14th August 2022


Crops are turning in the field and thoughts are turning to desiccation. If the weather holds combining of canary seed should begin mid-August.

Please note that for desiccation Round-up products are on EAMU for canary seed. Desiccation rules are the same as for Wheat in that seed should be beige, less than 30% moisture content and hold a thumb nail indent.

Canary Seed seed July 2022

The crop in the picture below is ready for desiccation.

Canary Seed in Nottinghamshire 22nd July 2022



The canary seed has really taken off in June. Ear emergence is fully out, with crops flowering. Crops are not overly tall this year but the crop still has time to put on height.

Some mildew has been seen coming into crop towards the end of June. Cyflamid is on EAMU if it starts coming up the leaf canopy.

Powdery mildew on Canary Seed in Northants 30th June 2022

Flowering crops are showing good size ears at around 3cm long.

.Canary Seed ears June 2022

Canary Seed in Nottinghamshire 29th June 2022



Canary seed is at varying stage depending on weather and drill date. With other spring crops there are variable germination in places where rain did not come until the end of May, but the crop seems quite tolerant of dry conditions.

Canary Seed late drilled in Lincolnshire May 2022

Crops that got up and away are well into stem extension and the first ears are emerging.

Canary Seed tllering in Lincolnshire end May 2022

Remember a PGR and herbicide must be on generally by GS33 and canary seed can jump growth stages.

Canary Seed heading in Nottinghamshire end May 2022



Canary seed drilling is now complete as we head towards the end of April. There is still moisture in the soil, but as the soils continue to dry out hopefully plants can get established before the soil moisture goes further down the soil profile. For fertiliser a maximum of 60kg/ha N for soil SNS 0 applied either to seedbed or when rows are visible is all that is needed.

Canary Seed with 2nd leaf emerging April 2022

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