'Squeezing More Out of Oilseed Rape' - Agronomist and Arable Farmer, Oilseeds Supplement May 2023

With the pressure of flea beetles, stubbornly high fertiliser costs, and as OSR prices drop back from the £700+ per tonne that we saw last year, more and more growers are choosing added value rapeseed contracts to supplement their break crop income.

Here Nigel Padbury of Premium Crops highlights how you can squeeze a little more from your OSR.

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How to boost a delayed spring crop - Alternative options to drilling cereal and pulse crops

Article in Agronomist and Arable Farmer News 

Growers who have delayed spring drilling due to wet conditions are advised to use vigorous varieties, increase seed rates and tailor crop nutrition to optimise late spring crops this season.

Premium Crops' Hannah Foxall talks about "Alternative options to drilling cereal and pulse crops"...

“Spring linseed can be used as a full break crop and provides excellent seedbed entry conditions for the following crop. Canary seed can act as an oat break crop as it can grow through dry conditions” 

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