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Spring Linseed

Spring Linseed

The largest buyer of Linseed in the UK

As market leaders, our customers benefit from our established supply chain to added value customers throughout Europe. Consistently high and stable prices are offered for conventional brown, yellow and organic Linseed, with the added security of no yield risk to the producer.


Seed breeder collaborations and extensive variety trials allow us to exclusively offer varieties best suited to UK conditions. Shorter straw height and reduced fibre content make for unrivalled harvestability and minimised combine down time. 

Oil bonus

Our extensive buyers network is used to identify and negotiate business opportunities for our growers to supply niche criteria crop at a premium price. Our suppliers look to source high ALA (Omega 3) oil content as it produces more effective and sustainable animal feed. Premium Crops exclusively offer the variety VT50, high in yield and oil content, yet still early to harvest.

Organic Linseed

Linseed’s excellent soil conditioning attributes lend itself well to organic growing, especially for those looking for an entry to a wheat crop. Ultra-high value contracts are available.

Premium Crops is proud to sponsor the Oilseed Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) - The network strives to increase industry growing standards through co-operation.


Call us on 02392 632883 for the latest contracts available.

  • Produce of an area contract – no fixed yield requirement
  • Transparent fixed/minimum prices provide transparency and reduce risk
  • Network of stores to dry, clean or store on growers’ behalf
  • No claims or rejections for visual quality
  • No capped load charges for deliveries made direct to end-users
  • Harvest movement available

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Premium Crops

Premium Crops are the UK’s largest specialist arable merchant. We sell seed, provide purchase contracts and offer a range of agronomical and logistical services alongside.

Tel: 02392 632883

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