Spring Linseed

The largest buyer of Linseed in the UK

As market leaders our customers benefit from our established supply chain to added value customers throughout Europe. This means that we are able to offer a consistently high and stable price for conventional brown Linseed, yellow Linseed and organic Linseed but with the added security of no yield risk to the producer.

Grow Linseed with Confidence

With over 25 years of specialist knowledge and experience of the Linseed crop, our dedicated team provides a full and professional service to the Linseed grower.

  • New, improved linseed varieties selected for their combination of high yield, early maturity and stiff straw
  • "EasyCut" for unrivalled harvestability
  • Unrivalled technical support based on years of linseed experience to help growers achieve maximum yield potential
  • Free agronomy bulletins, sent throughout the season, with topical advice and recommendations
  • Technical staff available to answer your queries
  • The only company with a dedicated linseed agronomist
  • Access to low risk markets
  • No fixed yield requirement and minimal quality criteria - ALL contracts are for the "produce of the area"
  • No admixture claims up to 5%
  • No capped load charges for deliveries made direct to end-users - Guaranteed
  • Any like for like offer beaten - Guaranteed
  • No claims or rejections for visual quality - Guaranteed
  • Network of stores to dry, clean or store linseed

Harvest Report

EasyCut varieties again proved a hit with growers with comments like "it was a dream to cut" or "we absolutely flew through the crop" being common-place. Their combination of short straw and low fibre content maximises harvestability and minimises combine down-time.

Spring Linseed

Higher Seed Rates

Premium Crops are the UK’s largest producer of Brown, Yellow and Organic linseed and as such have a strong interest in getting the best from the UK acreage. As part of an ongoing investment to improve the agronomy of the crop Premium Crops commissioned a range of sowing rate trials starting harvest 2014 which demonstrated that historical trends towards lower sowing rates (around 650 seeds/m2) has been deleterious to the yields that can be achieved.


Linseed Rate Graph


As a result of these trials, Premium Crops are supplying all of their Contracts with sufficient seed to sow at the 800 seeds/m2 sowing rate and have subsidised the seed costs such that growers should see little or no change in the seed price. 

Organic Linseed - £1100 per tonne for Harvest 2022

There is a burgeoning market for organic linseed, both for human consumption and the animal feed industry. Premium Crops is looking for contract growers of Organic linseed.

Organic linseed contract terms are available here

 SOPA log0

Premium Crops are Registered with the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA) - Registered number S1126P

More Profitable and Easier to Grow than Peas, Beans and Spring OSR

  • Linseed is an excellent break crop - growers usually report the highest Wheat yields behind Linseed
  • Great opportunity to include linseed as part of your blackgrass control strategy
  • Latest Rothamstead report shows that Spring cropping is by far the largest contributor towards blackgrass control
  • Reduces slug issues - growers are unlikely need to use slug pellets in the following Wheat crop (very pertinent with the over-use of Metaldehyde)
  • Linseed does not shed or shatter like OSR, which means it is reliable and low risk
  • There is a superb range of herbicides that can be used for weed control in Linseed. Weed control is significantly better in linseed than in other Spring break crops, particularly Spring OSR, beans and peas

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