Winter Linseed Agronomy

Winter Linseed Monitor Farm 2023 - JE Chamberlain


The crop is looking good leaving winter and is very well rooted. The linseed is beginning to pick itself up and think about stem extension. Soils are still cold as we leave February, with fertiliser and Centurion Max waiting for conditions to warm up.


Figure 1 Winter Linseed variety Atilla 28th February


Figure 2-3 Linseed rooting structure. LHS fine roots aiding soil structure and RHS roots starting to go downwards to search for nutrients.

In January-February rain was recorded as 64.7 mm and temperatures are currently averaging 5.9 °C.


Figure 4 Sencrop weather data (Jan-Feb)


The crop is starting to grow on after an initial slow start due to the dry soil conditions. There haven’t been many good spray days and as a result Centurion max will be applied in the spring for blackgrass. Heading into November Falcon and Difcor are planned for the volunteer cereals and to keep disease out the crop.

In October rain was recorded as 100 mm and temperatures are currently averaging 12.7 °C (see Sencrop weather data below).

Sencrop Weather Data Chamberlain Oct 22



Variety: Attila.

Crop was drilled 22-24th September into a good seedbed with good seed to soil contact. Pre-emergence herbicides applied were Callisto and Backrow on the 28th September. It has had low amounts of rain since, we seem to have missed the heavy downpours.

In September rain was recorded as 35.6mm and temperatures are currently averaging 14.6 °C (see Sencrop weather data below).

Sencrop Weather Data Chamberlain Sept 22

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