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Cover Crops

Cover Crops

There is a drive to enhance and promote sustainable agricultural practices throughout the United Kingdom. The never-ending challenges of climate change pose a threat to agricultural land where measures need to be in place to protect soils.

Premium Crops understands the potential cover crops can provide throughout the winter months, there to sustain the ground during the times where it is needed most. We are introducing a cover crop mix that works well in rotation before Spring Linseed and Canary Seed is drilled. Cover crops over winter provide the field with multiple benefits that include soil armor, root mass, carbon sequestration, nutrient fixing, and the potential option for fodder for livestock.

As harvest ends, drilling begins, the new cycle restarts itself. Rather than leaving the soil bare and open, why not let the cover crop work with the soil in preparation for Spring. Doing this will facilitate improvements in soil structure and additional nutrient supplement to give Linseed and Canary Seed its best possible chance of establishment and higher yields.

Cover crops are there to support the soil with vegetative growth during fallow periods, giving multiple benefits for the soil function and the following crop.

These include:

  • Ground Cover in the winter for beneficials and wildlife to thrive within
  • Cover crops retain moisture for the following crop at drilling
  • Some plant species fix and cycle nutrients
  • Suppresses weeds
  • Sequesters carbon
  • Feeds soil biology


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Discount is applied to both the Cover Crop mix cost as well as the seed cost for a following Spring Linseed or Canary Seed crop, when purchased simultaneously.

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