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Winter Linseed Monitor Farm 2022 - NJ & CV Turner

April / May

The crop has finished flowering as we head towards the end of May. All fertiliser has gone on and a late flowering fungicide will be applied when conditions allow.

Winter linseed flowering at NJ CV Turner May 2022

Sencrop weather data NJ CV Turner April May 2022

February / March

The crop has come on well and is now nearing the end of stem extension. Due to the late drilling there have been few herbicides, with a pre-em for broad-leaf weeds and Centurion max on the autumn. A fungicide will be applied as a PGR.

Attila Winter Linseed at NJ CV Turner March 2022

November / December

The linseed has continued to grow nicely into winter, the relatively mild weather has helped the crop to grow. Thus far the crop has continued clean of weeds, thanks to the later drill date of October. A fungicide was applied on the 24th of November to keep the linseed clean over winter.

winter linseed december

Image: Winter Linseed, Alpaga emerged well

In November- December rain continued to fall with 73.2mm of rain recorded and average temperatures have fluctuated over December but are currently averaging 7.6 °C (see Sencrop weather data below).

Sencrop data NJ CV Turner November December 2021

October / November

The Linseed was drilled later than normal this year, into early October. Plants are emerging well and the true leaves are emerging. One of the benefits of late drilling is the crop is clean, with so far very few volunteer cereals or grass weeds coming through. A pre-emergence spray of Callisto has been used and it is reassuring to see the volunteer rape looking unhealthy.

Winter Linseed, Alpaga emerged well

Winter Linseed Alpaga putting out true leaves

In October the needed rain arrived with 95.5mm of rain recorded and average temperatures have kept soils warm are currently averaging 12.5 °C (see Sencrop weather data below).

Sencrop Weather data NJCV Turner October 2021 10 to 29 Oct 2021