Winter Linseed FAQ

Winter Linseed FAQ

Q Is Winter linseed profitable?
A Yes, Winter linseed is likely to be more profitable than other break crops such as Beans or Oats

Q Where geographically can Winter lineed be grown?
A Anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland.

Q What soils can I grow Winter linseed on?
A There are no limitations

Q When should I drill Winter linseed?
A Optimum period is late August through September

Q What varieties are there?
A Premium Crops represents all 3 breeders of Winter linseed in Europe. It selects the best suited varieties, these include Alpaga, Angora, Sideral and Volga for harvest 2017.

Q What depth should I drill Winter linseed?
A 2-3 cm into a firm seed bed

Q Can I control weeds in Winter linseed  because it is a problem for me in Rape and Beans?
A Weeds that are a serious problem in Rape and Beans, eg Charlock, Runch, volunteer Rape and Cranesbill are easily controlled in Winter linseed

Q What about Blackgrass?
A A good range of products are available to tackle Blackgrass. The approach is to use a sequence of products of differing resistance profiles, including both pre and post emergence treatments. However in the most prolific of resistant black grass situations there may be better options for black grass control than in Winter linseed

Q Will Winter linseed survive a hard Winter?
A WintaLin has shown to be frost tolerant to at least -14ºC. When covered by snow Winter linseed will survive at temperatures as low as - 20ºC

Q What about frost lift?
A Provided the crop is established early and consolidated well there should be no frost lift

Q Is it prone to lodging?
A No, Winter linseed has excellent standing power. Splitting of the N applications and the use of fungicides such as Toprex which have powerful PGR activity combine to minimise lodging risk.

Q When is Winter linseed harvested?
A Mid July to early August

Q Is Winter linseed difficult to harvest?
A No, Winter linseed is harvested during the long days of July and growers have found it as easy to cut as Cereals

Q What yield can I expect?
A Most growers achieve 2.5 to 3.0 t/ha

Q Is Winter linseed easy to dry and store?
A Yes, because Winter linseed is harvested from July onwards it is usually harvested dry

Q Is Winter linseed a good break crop?
A It is an excellent break crop for Cereals and because it is not related to Rape, can be grown in the same rotation. Winter linseed is particularly good as a soil conditioner

Q Do I get any slugs after Winter linseed - like I do after Rape and Beans?
A You do not get slugs after Winter linseed

Q How often can I grow Winter linseed in my rotation?
A Once in 4 - 5 years

Winter Linseed

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