Spring Linseed Herbicide Updates 2023

In this article, we are giving an update on the situation regarding herbicides for Spring Linseed 2023 use.





• Basilico is due for EAMU re-registration, with a target date of 16th May. It is possible that there could be a gap between the removal of the old MAPP number 18028 and approval of the new MAPP number 19927. This would mean the product could be unsuitable for use during this period.
See the bottom of this page on how to be kept up to date.


• Spring linseed growers who plan to use Basilico in the spring are advised as a precaution to buy the old stock in preparation.


• A reminder that since the active Mesotrione has been re-registered, the maximum rate has reduced from 1.5lt/ha to 0.75lt/ha.


This makes it even more imperative to ensure applications are made to fine, moist seedbeds as close to drilling as possible. Drilling into the correct conditions, as opposed to the date, is more important than ever.


Centurion Max


• Centurion Max is being re-registered but CRD have created the below whilst they review the application. All products are on the same MAPP number but use up rates will vary. To clarify:

Existing Product:

- Sales and distribution ends 31 May 2023 
- Grower has an additional 12 months to use said product, meaning usage ends 31st May 2024

New Product:

- Will use the same MAPP number
- Distinguishable by a use by date on the pack
- Expiry date is now extended to 30th November 2024 for sales and distribution
- Growers will have to use it by the date stamped on the pack = 78 weeks after the date of manufacture

• Therefore Centurion Max usage on both Winter and Spring Linseed crops is unaffected.




• Onto slightly better and more exciting news, we have been given the estimated target completion date of 21st of March 2023 for the approval of the product Katamaran as another pre-emergence option. We will also have the approval for post-emergence use, however best practice and efficacy indicates a pre-emergence application is far more effective.


• We give no guarantee it will be here in time for next season, however we’d like to make you aware of it and Premium Crops will keep you posted when we have it officially for use.


• For the list of weeds which Katamaran can help us control in an integrated approach, please follow this link:





We will continue to send regular updates on herbicide usage in alternative crops throughout the year.


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