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New herbicide approved for Linseed use

Laya contains 200g/kg metsulfuron-methy, and is a sulfonyl urea herbicide for spring-applied broad-leaved weed control in wheat, barley, oats, triticale, and with this recent approval, now also linseed.

Manufactured by off-patent manufacturers Life Scientific, Laya is a reverse engineered formulation of its reference product, Jubilee. Life Scientific specialises in bringing high quality off-patent crop protection products to market with the goal of providing customers with better options to meet their plant protection needs and this recent approval for Laya in linseed reflects the success of the approach.

Hannah Foxall, agronomist with Premium Crops underlines the importance metsulfuron-methyl plays in weed control in linseed. “This approval is welcome news for linseed growers looking to control broad leaved weeds post-emergence, as since the loss of Bromoxynil there are restricted herbicide choices,” she says.

“The broad weed spectrum offered by metsulfuron-methyl is important for ease of harvest and cleaning up fields for the following crop.”

For more information on this approval visit the LAYA product information page on the Life Scientific website.



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