NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed

NEW Avadex factor EAMU for Canary Seed

‘Growers will welcome the addition of Avadex Factor to the limited herbicide armoury available for weed control in Canary Seed’, says Barrie Hunt, Technical Manager of Gowan Crop Protection Ltd.

‘Premium Crops have successfully gained an EAMU for the use of Avadex Factor on Canary Seed (grown for wild bird seed production).  It joins Avadex Excel 15G and confirms the position of tri-allate as the only in-crop annual grass killing herbicide option available. As a liquid, Avadex Factor provides flexibility for those growers not having a granular applicator.’

Avadex Factor should be applied at 3.6 l/ha pre-emergence of the crop. Full Canary Seed agronomy details are available from Premium Crops.

This addition increases the importance of Avadex Factor for spring weed control as it can now be used on Spring Barley, Spring Linseed and Canary Grass.

EAMU details

Product  EAMU No. Dose Rate Timing No. of Applications
Avadex Factor 20210552  3.6 l/ha Pre-emergence 1 per crop
Avadex Excel 15G 20170467 15.0 kg/ha Pre-emergence 1 per crop

All EAMU uses are at grower’s own risk. Growers using products under an EAMU must also have a copy of the relevant EAMU document.

Copies of the EAMUs are available at

Full Product Details can be found at

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