Spring Linseed EasyCut

EasyCut Linseed

EasyCut is a new type of Linseed bred with low levels of fibre in the stem. The low fibre characteristic and the combination of short, stiff straw, results in EasyCut' varieties being easier to harvest.

In addition, all EasyCut Linseed varieties are early maturing, so they come to harvest before many of the more traditional varieties. Thereby avoiding the worst of the British  autumn weather.

Altess, was the first EasyCut Linseed variety, with 25% less fibre in the stem and across thousands of acres in commercial production it has proved to be easy and straighforward to harvest. Following Altess came Duchess, Marquise and the most recent EasyCut variety is Empress.

The arrival of EasyCut varieties was (and still is) an exciting development for the UK Linseed crop as it removed two major barriers to growing the crop.

Although Linseed is grown without problems by many, it is perceived by others as being late and/or difficult to harvest. Managed correctly, EasyCut varieties harvest straight after Wheat and because of its EasyCut character it is easy to harvest. So instead of Linseed being 'late and difficult' now read 'early and easy!'

Since their launch, 10's of thousands of hectares of EasyCut Linseed have been sown commercially and when we asked UK commercial linseed growers* to describe their experience of cutting their linseed crop, 88% of them said that it was 'Good' or 'Excellent', and only 3% said that it was 'difficult'.

Empress EasyCut Linseed is available for sowing in 2023 and, as with all Premium Crops contracts, all our growers (and their agronomists) will receive comprehensive crop bulletins providing a step-by-step guide to growing the variety.

Technical advice from Premium Crops two full time Agronomists is based on over 25 years' experience of Linseed and is focused on bringing the crop to its early and easy harvest with the best yield possible.


*Source: Premium Crops Survey of Linseed Growers 2017

Grower comments:

"We grew 56 hectares of Altess last season. It was an even height and combined really well. We cut 36ha in one day, cutting into the early hours of the morning, totally dispelling the myth that the sun needs to be shining to cut Linseed. I have never known linseed combine as this did - it was an absolute dream."
Rob Rouston, Garendon Park Farms, Leicestershire

"Our 43 acres of Altess grew evenly, matured well, cut easily and yielded well. What I like is that we finished the wheat in one day - and then put the combine away!
Chris Done, Tathwell Farms (Lincs)Lts, Lincolnshire

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