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Covid 19 - Policy Announcement Cefetra Ltd

A number of enquiries have been received in the last weeks in respect to the spread of Covid-19 across the UK and Europe.  Premium Crops as a division of Cefetra Ltd would like to advise you that we are taking this situation very seriously and are undertaking the following measures to limit any impact on our trade during these challenging times.  The situation is changing frequently and we will continue to monitor the situation and update strategies as required, of which we will keep you updated.

Measures undertaken:


  • Cefetra Ltd have a number of offices across the UK in which we have introduced “point of entry” screening which requires a health questionnaire to be completed prior to allowing entry.
  • The areas classed as high risk are monitored and updated and no travel is permitted to these areas.
  • A quarantine protocol has been introduced- if required.
  • Our IT systems are all accessible from home and these have been tested to ensure the vast majority of staff can work from home if required.
  • Staff are able to work at other offices in the UK if required.
  • If required, Cefetra Ltd have potential for additional assistance from our other European offices. 
  • Hygiene measures are in place with employee information and alcohol gels throughout the offices to reduce infection.


  • Social distancing has been introduced at Cefetra stores to limit the contact between hauliers and staff.  Hauliers are asked to remain in their cabs whilst drivers check the vehicle cleanliness.
  • Point of entry screening is and always has been in place at Cefetra stores to limit any potential contamination within the stores.  
  • All govt guidelines on reducing the spread of the virus are being implemented.
  • Hygiene measures are in place with employee information and alcohol gels throughout the stores to reduce infection.


We are working closely with all our suppliers to minimise any disruption and maintain supply.


We are working closely with the authorities and are pleased to note the government understands the importance of animal feed & food supplies and will be catered for in the future plans and control actions undertaken by the government.

HEAR Grower - Al Brooks, Faccombe estate features in CPM Magazine. March 2020

“Along with our HEAR variety, height above sea-level and use of biostimulants, we’re finding we’re keeping ourselves clear of damage from cabbage stem flea beetle." - Faccombe Estates Assistant manager James Higginbotham

James Higginbotham and Al Brooks have been exploring the use of biostimulants in encouraging root growth of their HEAR oilseed rape ".....one field in this area turned out to be the highest yielding of our OSR crop, at 5.1t/ha, against a farm average of 4.8t/ha.”

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