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The Largest linseed load ever to leave the UK


Valorex, based in the heart of rural Brittany, just north of Rennes, have formed a sacred relationship with Premium Crops over the years, and purchase the majority of the linseed contracted. Their business is based on the production of animal feed manufactured from linseed, which is heated under pressure to remove any anti-nutritional factors and then extruded. In fact, the Valorex name, is a take on “Valorisation through extrusion”.

The feed is naturally high in Omega-3, specifically essential amino acid ALA or Alpha-linolenic-acid. When the linseed rich feed it is fed to animals, it imparts numerous health benefits – for example in dairy cows milk yield is increased and fertility is boosted, meaning they get back into calf more quickly.

Omega-3 levels in linseed varies significantly with the variety. Valorex require a variety dependant on which feed they are manufacturing. Premium Crops typically contracts many different varieties, best suited to UK conditions, all of which offering different levels of Omega-3. Every sample of linseed produced on farm is tested for moisture and admix, but also for oil and Omega-3 content.

Prior to Brexit, all linseed was delivered by truck direct from farm to France using dedicated hauliers. All linseed was delivered on a just in time basis as Valorex have limited storage – particularly due to segregating the different qualities of linseed according to Omega-3 content.


When Brexit rules changed on 1st Jan 2021, delivery by truck became much more difficult - resulting in a Mexican stand-off for months whilst phytosanitary issues were corrected. What quickly became apparent was the additional workload and cost for our customer Valorex and a more erratic delivery pattern. A change of tack was required to facilitate the smooth delivery of goods.

The decision was made to rent storage near the port of St Malo, enabling Premium Crops to deliver coaster sized vessels of certain quality linseed and Valorex to collect as they require.

The result is one very happy customer.

Premium Crops have championed the growth of linseed as a UK commercial crop over the past two decades and offer assured quality produce and a range of logistical services for many other niche crops.

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