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Forward Contracting of Linseed Provides Best Returns - Again!

This season Brown linseed contracted by Premium Crops has consistently and significantly out-performed the open market; Premium Crops contracts have returned between £317.50 and £387.50 per mt, while at the same time the open market has been as low as £270 and no higher than £320 per mt. proving, once again, that forward contracting of linseed with a specialist contractor has been the most effective way to market your linseed crop with the highest returns.


These prices also highlight the discount growers are forced to accept for harvest movement. Open market sellers looking for harvest movement will have acheived only £270 to £280 per mt, whilst today's prices are already some £50 per mt over this value.


Premium Crops offer harvest movement to store at growers cost; a cost that is more than covered by the price lift acheived since harvest. The principle of avoiding harvest movement is well understood by growers of OSR who will often choose to put crop into store to avoid harvest movement discount, linseed is no diffferent.


In summary, forward contracting linseed with Premium Crops in 2016 will have provided enough additional income to more than cover the seed price and storage costs associated with open market, harvest movement.


Forward Contracts for 2017 are available now and are already out-performing the open market levels. For more information call 02392 632883.



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