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Niche Crops Are Solution to Brexit Farmers - South East Farmer, August 2017

Experimenting with niche crops - especially the spring ones - is central to Mr Culley's philosophy, because there is less capital invested for a shorter length of time. "It releases cash from the business because they are not investing in a crop they're growing all year round".

Canary Seed is probably an 80 day crop, so it is an excellent choice for experimenting.


You can read more in South East Farmer - HERE (see page 18)

Lexus SX receives EAMU approval for Winter Linseed

Lexus SX (flupyrsulfuron-methyl) has been granted PSD approval (no. 20162798) under the Extension of Use provisions for the control of Annual Broadleafed Weeds and Blackgrass.


Premium Crops' Agronomist, Sam Deane, says "This is an important addition to the portfolio of herbicides available for use in Winter Linseed"