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HEAR Agronomy

HEAR Agronomy Overview


- PALMEDOR (hybrid)
- ROCCA (hybrid)
- ERGO (hybrid)

Seed Treatment

Hi Seed Integral Pro

Pack Size

Hybrid – 1.5 million seeds (3 hectare pack @ 50 seeds/m2)

Seed Price


Field Selection

Should not be grown on land where non-HEAR Rape grown in previous 2 years


As conventional Oilseed Rape
Bulletins sent to all growers



Our varieties produce a comparable yield to conventional '00' Oilseed Rape varieties, but with the added premium.


Grower to send sample for analysis post-harvest

Crop Standards

Moisture – min 6%, max 10%
Admixture – basis 2%, max 4%
Free Fatty Acids – max 2%

Oil – basis 40%
Erucic – min 45%
Glucosinolates – max 18 micromoles

Technical Know-How

Spring Linseed Technical Know-how



All growers and their agronomist are sent technical bulletins with more detailed agronomy information throughout the growing season.

Our technical team is always on hand to answer any queries.