Spring Linseed Trials - Lincolnshire

remium Crops Winter Linseed trial at NIAB South is the location for our main variety trial where all of the major commercial varieties; Alpaga, Volga and Sideral are tested alongside French commercial varieties and new lines from various different plant breeders.

Location Map - Spring Linseed, East Lindsey

 Sowing Date: 15th April

The main variety trial includes the varieties: Altess, Marquise, Omegalin, Empress, Juliet, Bingo, VT50 (Nulin), Scorpion and a host of new lines from our plant breeding partners.

Within this trial there are seed rate trials to test the yield stability over a number of years from different seed rates.

The Premium Crops trials are alongside the winter linseed trials.

Our hosts, NIAB, have established a weather station at the site. 

This data will be updated weekly...

The weather data for East Lindsey from sowing to the latest update is given below.

East Lindsey Weather data 7th April to 17th June

Growth Stage:

13th May: Emergence

Heavy Rain in early June has flooded the field...

 We won't know if the trial has been lost until the water subsides, but it doesn't look good.