Spring Naked Oats Agronomy

Naked Oat Monitor Farm 2020 - Averys (Radnage) Ltd

With kind permission of Rod Avery


The naked oats are starting to turn in the field, and it is now a waiting game to harvest.  
Rain is adding challenge to harvest, on top of a challenging year. In July 70mm of rain was recorded. Average temperatures are relatively cool for this time of year at 15.2°C (see weather data below).

Sencrop data - Averys - July 2020



The naked oats will have their ear wash applied in the next day or so. There is a little bit of BYDV in the field, but nothing serious.

Clays, Flinthill and Ryehill fields has had 15th June Magnesium, insecticide for aphids and tank mix of fungicides for ear wash. Fungicides included; 0.6l/ha Serpent, 0.4L/ha Decoy, 0.09L/ha Asana, 0.07L/ha Ceriax and 0.01L/ha Amistar. An insecticide was applied as Clayton Sparta (lambda-cyhalothrin) 0.1L/ha for aphids to prevent BYDV.

Rain has come at last to break the drought, in June 52mm of rain was recorded. Average temperatures have gone up to an average daily temperature was 14.3°c.







Spring naked oats are now emerging and putting out leaves.



Sown into different conditions; direct drilled into Clays field, direct drilled naked oats into Ryehill field and drilled into autumn cultivated ground of Flinthill field (see pics below). Interestingly emergence has been faster on previous cultivated ground compared to the direct drilled land.

Naked Oats emerging in Clays field - direct drilled
Naked Oats emerging in Ryehill Field - Autumn cultivated seed bed


Spring Naked Oats were drilled on farm. Ryehill field was drilled on 25th March as fields slowly dried out. 

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