Spring Linseed Agronomy

Spring Linseed News from the Field - 2020

A series of short updates from various spring linseed crops around the UK...


Spring linseed is now at grain fill and heading to desiccation timing. Where growers have not already done, an application of fungicide should be made when pods are fully formed. With the late rain comes the risk of diseases such as; Botrytis, Septoria and Alternaria.

Crops are at variable growth stages this year, due to late June rains. For harvest desiccation, Glyphosate approved for use on main crops only and should not be used on for crops that are not going for seed.

For seed crops, an Emergency Approval for Spotlight Plus (Carfentrazone-ethyl) has been approved until the 31st August 2020. Growers should read carefully the Emergency Approval as there are conditions that differ from the product label, observe the water rates (300-450L) and Aquatic Buffer Zone limit. Growers should be aware that Spotlight Plus does not control the same range of weeds as Reglone. When applying Spotlight Plus a water rate of at least 400L gives best coverage of the crop, leave 12 days before harvest and do not exceed 8km/h when spraying the crop.

VT50 (Nulin) spring linseed approaching desiccation in Hants - July 2020


Spring Linseed crops are now flowering and crops overall have benefited from rain. Growers should not forget their flowering fungicides; rain will encourage disease and the fungicides are an insurance against wet weather near harvest.

VT50 (Nulin) in flower in Leicestershire
Empress spring linseed in Leicestershire - June 2020

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