Cereals event 2020 - HEAR Plots

The HEAR demonstration plots (Varieties = Palmedor, Rocca and Ergo) were sown on the 28th August 2019....

Sowing the HEAR plots - 28th August 2019

 A small amount of Fertiliser (35kg N/ha and 50kg P&K/ha) was applied to get things going along with Metaldehyde slug pellets (5kg/ha) and a pre em herbicide.

Plots were protected with fleece in an attempt to keep the flea beetles at bay.

The plots emerged quickly and rows were visible by the 3rd September...

HEAR plots emerging - 3rd Sept 2019

Sprayed 3rd September 2019 with insecticide -Lambda cyhalothrin at 75ml/ha

'Rocca' HEAR plot growing away - 5th October 2019

Plots sprayed with insecticide - Lambda cyhalothrin at 75ml/ha

HEAR Plots established - 17th October