HEAR Variety Trials 2017

Premium Crops Ltd (PCL) are proud to run the UK’s only network of variety trials for High Erucic Winter Oilseed Rape varieties. Commissioned by PCL and operated by well known, independent trial operators, the HEAR variety trial network covers a total of five locations for harvest 2017.





A =



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Milnathort, Kinross

Scottish Agronomy

C =

Cowlinge, Suffolk

Saaten Union

D =

Thorne, Lincolnshire


E =

Sutton Scotney, Hampshire



The trials include the current commercial HEAR varieties along with new candidates submitted by various different plant breeders around the world; all HEAR varieties are then compared side-by -side with the UK National List control ‘00’ varieties for a direct comparison of yield, agronomic characters and quality.

Each year, the data collected is added to our database and used to create the PCL Descriptive List of HEAR Varieties


Harvest Update: August 2017

Initial results coming in from the HEAR trial sites. At present we have only seed yield data, while samples are tested for oil content and gross margin figures are calculated. Full details will be updated here as they arrive....


1. NIAB-TAG Thorne, Lincoln

    With a yield of controls of 4.71 mt/ha, the HEAR varieties, Rocca, and the new candidate, PH402, have performed particularly well...

Trial CV = 6.1%, LSD (Pairwise) = 10.8%, LSD v Control = 8.2%



More results to follow - as available





UPDATE: March 2017


1. NIAB-TAG Cambridge Trial Abandoned

    Unfortunately this trial has had to be abandoned due to severe damage by cabbage stem flea beetles. The few remaining plants that     survived were not sufficient to be able to correctly assess the preformance of varieties. NIAB-TAG advise us that all the winter oilseed     rape trials at this location, including '00' trials, were similarly affected.


2. NIAB-TAG Broughton, Hampshire - Looking Good

    The HEAR variety trial at Broughton is beginning to grow away and plants look strong and healthy with very little sign of disease. A     selection of photographs of the different variety plots can be downloaded here...



3. Scottish Agronomy, Fife - Looking Good

    The HEAR variety trial in Fife is at mid stem extension. There is a high level of light leaf spot in the area and plants are beginning to grow     away from the disease as stem extension progresses. A selection of photographs of the different variety plots can be downloaded here....